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Bachelor's Degree in Management and Leadership Classes


In addition to major core requirements, all students enrolled in bachelor degree programs must complete a minimum of 46 credits in general education (40 credits in the general education college core and 6 credits in programmatic general education courses).

General Education Core Requirements - 40 credits
ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 1XX Writing Competency (WR) 3
ENG 325 Advanced Writing for the Business Professional (AW) 3
COM 1XX Communications Competency (COM) 3
CAP 1XX Computer Literacy Competency (CL) 3
MATH 1XX Math Competency (MATH) 3
  Science Competency (SCI) 4
PSY 112 Introduction to Psychology (SS) 3
  Social Science Competency (SS) 3
  Cultural Competency (CU) 3
PHIL 101 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking (E/P) 3
  Global Studies Competency (G/US) 3
  Global Studies Competency (G/W) 3

Programmatic General Education requirements - 6 credits
IDA 120 Intellectual Discovery Strategies OR General Education Elective 3
STAT 167 Principles of Statistics 3

Management and Leadership Major Core Requirements - 36 credits
Freshman Year
OS 101 Team Dynamics & Individual Skills 3
OS 160 Leadership Theory and Practice in the Organization 3
OS 180 Supervision 3
Sophomore Year
OS 210 Organizational Communications 3
OS 230 Organizational Ethics 3
OS 250 Understanding Worker Behaviors 3
Junior Year
OS 315 Organizational Theory 3
OS 320 Cross-cultural Competencies in the Organization 3
OS 330 Talent Development and Performance Assessment 3
Senior Year
OS 310 Positive Mentoring OR  
OS 355 Project Management OR  
OS 425 Facilitating Groups 3
OS 430 Organizational Change 3
OS 450 Capstone: Strategic Planning for Organizations 3

Directed Electives - 9 Credits
ACC 1XX Accounting Elective 3
BUS 101 Introduction to Management OR  
BUS 107 Introduction to Nonprofit Management 3
PSY 205 Organizational Behavior 3

General Electives - 30 Credits

Total Credits: 


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