Meet the Histologic Science Director

Kelli Goodkowsky, goodwin histology program director in connecticut

Kelli Goodkowsky describes herself as a life-long learner who values the educational process. She is an experienced histotechnician who spent the majority of her career supervising hospital histology laboratories.

As program director and associate professor for the Histology program, Goodkowsky builds reflective practice, Universal Design for Learning, and mindfulness into her work with students. As current chair of the Education Committee for the National Society of Histotechnology, she remains passionate about connecting students with supports to help them succeed.

With an undergraduate degree in Social Work, she has found the perfect connection between empowering students on their educational journey and introducing them to their future careers in the field of histology.

A message from Professor Goodkowsky

The histology field is currently wide open, with many job opportunities for histotechnicians in the New England area and throughout the country.

What makes our program unique is the hands-on experience students receive. Our student lab is fully equipped to simulate a real-world histology lab. With highly skilled, certified instructors to guide them through each step of the program, students engage in a comprehensive laboratory experience, preparing them for histology careers immediately upon graduation.

We currently maintain a 96% placement rate of our graduates. I encourage prospective students to consider positively impacting patient care by learning the valuable skill set of the Histotechnician.
Best regards,
Kelli Goodkowsky, M.Ed., HT(ASCP)