Associate Degree in Histology

Admission requirements

The specific admission requirements are outlined below. Not all qualified candidates can be offered admission to the Histology program due to the limited number of seats available.

  1. Complete the application for admission into Goodwin University. Applicants to the Histology program must first meet the requirements for admission and be accepted into Goodwin University.
  2. Complete the Histology program application. This application must include:
    1. A signed attestation that the applicant possesses the ability to perform the tasks as stated in the Essential Functions of a Histotechnician.
  3. Complete the required University Placement Evaluations. Applicants must qualify for a minimum of ENG 095 and MATH 125.
  4. Earn a minimum GPA of 2.7 in the most recent course work (university).
  5. Complete the following prerequisite courses with a "C" or better:
    1. Chemistry - CHEM 101 (Goodwin University) or equivalent.
    2. Human Biology - BIO 120 (Goodwin University) or equivalent with a laboratory component.
    3. MATH 125 (Goodwin University) or higher level Math. Statistics does not meet the Math prerequisite for the Histology program.
  6. Interview with the program director.
  7. Student essay

All required immunizations must be current before the start of the program.