Associate Degree in Histology Classes

Histology curriculum

In addition to major core requirements, all students enrolled in associate degree programs must complete a minimum of 21 credits in general education courses.

Non-major core requirements - 10 credits

CHEM 101 Chemistry 4
HSC 105 Medical Terminology 3
HSC 111 Medical Law and Ethics 3

General education core - 22 credits

ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 1XX English Elective 3
MATH 1XX Mathematics (MATH) 3
CAP 110 Computer Applications 3
BIO 120 Human Biology 4
PSY 112 Introduction to Psychology 3
  Humanities (HIS, PHIL, SPAN, HUM) 3

Histology core requirements - 28 credits

HLT 102 Introduction to Histology 3
HLT 110 Histology Techniques 3
HLT 113 Concepts of Staining and Fixation 3
HLT 115 Histology Laboratory Application 3
HLT 209 Special Staining Lab 3
HLT 210 Staining II 3
HLT 230 Histology Capstone and Seminar 3
HLT 290 Histology Clinical Experience 7

Total credits: 


Students must complete all Histology (HLT) core courses with a minimum grade of "C+".

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