Associate in Early Childhood Education Testimonials

Read reviews from real students on Goodwin University's Early Childhood Education program.

Connecticut early childhood program testimonials

Crystal Aresco, graduate

I truly enjoy working with and teaching younger children. Seeing a kid going from not being able to do something at first then by the time they leave they can do that and so much more is one of them most fulfilling things about teaching.
photo of Odalisca

Odalisca Bautista, graduate

I love working with kids and being around them. The faculty really prepared me for my career.
photo of Madeline

Madeline Graham, graduate

I have grown professionally and personally since attending Goodwin.
photo of Cassandra

Cassandra Guilheen, graduate

I always knew that I wanted to work with children, but didn’t know how to get there. Goodwin provided me with neon signs on how to get where I needed to be. Goodwin facilitated my passion to work with children in a welcoming, inspiring environment.
photo of Maureen

Maureen Moore, graduate

Choosing Goodwin was the greatest choice of my life. For the first time, school wasn’t daunting, and I had success building my skills in the field.
photo of Laticia

Laticia Pierce, graduate

The most important part of being a teacher is promoting acceptance and taking advantage of the teachable moments.
photo of Brittany

Brittany Puglise, graduate

Graduating from the Child Study program while being a single parent was a big achievement. I only want the best for my child.
photo of Nicole

Nicole Randall, graduate

Every day I make a difference in the lives of children, and they make a huge difference in mine.
photo of Kelly

Kelly Sorrow, graduate

My experience in the Child Study program was nothing short of wonderful. My professors were extremely supportive every step of the way, ensuring that I had a deep understanding of child development and everything that early childhood education entails.

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