Connecticut Director's Credential

Early Childhood Education Director's Credential

The Connecticut Director's Credential is a credential for early childhood professionals in administrative roles and for students who want to become early childhood administrators. Most students finish the required courses in one year or less.

Goodwin University offers all courses that will lead up to the Director's Credential. Upon completion of the courses, students must have 12 to 15 credits in specified courses (see below), meet the experiential requirements and demonstrate competency in core areas of knowledge in order to pursue the CT Director's Credential.

The specified courses can be taken by students as part of a degree program or as a non-matriculated student.

Course number Course name Credits Core areas of knowledge that meet requirements for Director's Credential
ECE 350* Supervision and Administration in Early Childhood Programs 3 Initial Comprehensive course in Administration and Supervision
ECE 315 Family-School-Community Partnerships 3 Community, School, and Family Relations
ECE 370 Leadership in Early Education 3 Leadership Skills
BUS 115 Human Resources Management 3 Personnel Management and Staff Development
ACC 101 Principles of Accounting I OR   Budget/Fiscal Management
ACC 110 Applied Accounting 3  

Total credits: 


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