Histology is a branch of biology that studies the microanatomy of plant and animal cells and tissues under light and electron microscopes.

What is a histologist?

Histologists prepare tissues for sectioning. They cut and stain tissues, and then image them. The prepared tissues are then examined by medical doctors, who identify abnormal cells and tissues, thus pinpointing and diagnosing conditions and diseases. Histologists are also valuable during autopsies of unexplained deaths and even crime scenes. Histologists can also be used to identify data such as the age or condition of archaeological artifacts.

How do I become a histologist or certified histotechnician?

Histology graduates interested in becoming certified are eligible to take the national examination given by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). The good news at Goodwin is that as of June 2017, 100% of Goodwin's Histology graduates have passed the ASCP Board of Registry Certification Exam, one of the many reasons why our students say, "It's better here."

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