School Readiness Teachers

A school readiness teacher is a teacher who prepares students from infancy to five-years-old for elementary school through early childhood education. School readiness teachers typically have their associate degree or higher.

Where do school readiness teachers work?

School readiness teachers can work in childcare centers, home-based care, and after school programs.

What are the daily duties of school readiness teachers?

School readiness teachers provide routine and structure for their students. They focus on the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of preschool students to prepare them for kindergarten. School readiness teachers ensure the safety of their students while nurturing their pupils' love of learning and future success.

School readiness teachers instruct through imaginative play, story-time, and educational activities. They attend to their students' basic needs, feeding, dressing, and changing children as needed. Also known as preschool teachers, they teach colors, shapes, numbers, letter recognition, hygiene, and social skills. School readiness teachers also educate through fun field trips, arts and crafts, and games.

School readiness teachers are keen observers. They have trained to monitor and spot any signs of emotional, developmental, physical, or health-related problems of their students. School readiness teachers also discuss their student's progress with parents, suggesting ways to promote learning at home.

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