What are Curriculum Coordinators?

A curriculum coordinator improves the development of lesson plans, coordinates the implementation of coursework, and evaluates the effectiveness of curricula per state standards. A curriculum coordinator is also known as a curriculum developer, instructional coordinator, or curriculum specialist. Curriculum coordinators can specialize in certain grade levels or specific subjects, gifted education, special education, or English language learners, and typically have graduate degrees, among other teacher licensing credentials.

What are the daily duties of a curriculum coordinator?

Curriculum coordinators:

  • Meet with educational administrators
  • Review student testing data
  • Observe teachers in the classroom
  • Provide procedure development
  • Write grant proposals
  • Research instructional methodology and technology
  • Coach teachers
  • Conduct conferences and workshops

What are the benefits of becoming a curriculum coordinator?

Curriculum coordinators get to work with like-minded professionals who share similar intellectual passions. In this role, there is an abundance of variety, as no two days are ever the same. Curriculum coordinators get to help students learn and make a positive impact on the education system.

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