What are Child Specialists?

A child specialist, sometimes called a child life specialist, is a pediatric health care worker who works closely with children and families dealing with the hospitalizations, illnesses, stressors, and trauma, or disabilities of children. Child specialists typically have their bachelor's or graduate degree.

What does a child specialist do?

A child specialist provides age-appropriate psychological preparation for medical procedures. They also teach children social-emotional skills and coping strategies through play, self-expressive activities, and group work. Child specialists may also work in close coordination with doctors, school systems, parents, and siblings to ensure the proper cognitive, physical, and emotional development of the child.

Where do child specialists work?

Child specialists, although mostly located in hospital settings, can work in a variety of fields. Child specialists can work with their pediatric patients in inpatient units, outpatient units, the emergency room, hospice, funeral homes, schools, and camps.

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