Academic Departments and Programs

Department of Business, Management, and Advanced Manufacturing

The mission of the Department of Business, Management and Advanced Manufacturing is to prepare career-focused individuals capable of technical, professional and interpersonal competencies to meet the needs of our stakeholders. With this acquired knowledge and an ethical mindset, our students contribute to the social responsibility and sustainability of organizations within the community.

Department Chair Cliff Thermer
Senior Administrative Assistant Anne Marie Andrews 860.913.2038
Foundational Advisor Marilyn Portilla 860.727.6775
Accounting Curriculum Director Michael Rotondo 860.913.2026
Business Administration Program Director Matt Connell 860.913.2171
Management and Leadership Program Director Michael Wolter 860.913.2154
CNC Machining Program Director Leonard Walsh 860.913.2285
Manufacturing Management Interim Program Director Chip Thermer 860.913.2087
Quality Management Systems Interim Program Director Chip Thermer 860.913.2087
Supply Chain & Logistics Management Interim Program Director Chip Thermer 860.913.2087
MSOL Program Director Sandi Coyne 860.913.2278

Department of General Education

The goal of general education at Goodwin College is to create competent, productive problem solvers who appreciate the diversity of our society, maintain inquiring minds, and embrace life-long learning.

Department Chair Sharon Koch
Senior Administrative Assistant Beverly Carter 860.913.2182
Administrative Assistant Christine Thurston 860.913.2132
General Studies Program Director Nicole Brewer 860.727.6924
Director, Computer Literacy, Communications, and Intellectual Discovery Awareness Annjanette Bennar 860.913.2310
Director, English Katherine Kalagher 860.727.6923
Director, Math Jason Shea 860.913.2086
Director, Humanities Diane Sperger 860.727.6925
Professional Studies Program Director Nicole Brewer 860.727.6924

Department of Health and Natural Sciences

The mission of the Health and Natural Sciences Department is to train professionals in a variety of healthcare and science-based disciplines. Graduates will possess a unique set of skills and knowledge that will allow them to obtain entry-level positions in their chosen fields, advance in a current position and lay the foundation for advanced learning throughout their careers.

Department Chair Paula Dowd
Senior Administrative Assistant Nicole Rychling 860.727.6781
Administrative Assistant Nikita Ariyaratne 860.913.2164
Dental Hygiene Program Director Christine Walsh 860.727.6943
Environmental Studies Program Director Bruce Morton 860.913.2027
Health Science Program Director Ashika Brinkley 860.727.6987
Histology Program Director Kelli Goodkowsky 860.727.6917
Medical Assisting Program Director Jillian McDonald 860.913.2314
Medical Billing and Coding Program Coordinator Emilie Larocque 860.913.2301
Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director Deanne Anderson 860.913.2069
Ophthalmic Science Program Director Maryann Santos 860.727.6976
Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services Program Director Paula Dowd
Public Health Program Director Ashika Brinkley 860.727.6987
Respiratory Care Program Director Michael Murphy 860.913.2025

Department of Nursing

The Mission of the Department of Nursing is derived from the Mission of Goodwin College. It has as its focus the educational preparation of students to become Nurses who are life-long learners. The Department provides an atmosphere whereby its diverse student population can grow intellectually by promoting critical thinking skills, personal development, and community involvement.

Department Chair Jan Costello
Administrative Assistant, AD Program Chelsea Tibus 860.727.6918
Senior Administrative Assistant, BSN Program Adriane Cropley 860.727.6981
Nursing Program Director Jan Costello
RN-to-BSN Program Director Jan Costello
MSN Program Director Susan Kosman 860.727.6738

Department of Social and Educational Sciences

The Department of Social and Educational Sciences is committed to preparing dedicated, reflective, and responsive professionals who employ evidence-based practices in service to their communities and society as a whole. Our core mission is to foster the development of our students’ cognitive, technical, academic, and humanistic capabilities so they are career and profession ready.

Department Chair Diana J. LaRocco
Senior Administrative Assistant Diane Cyr 860.913.2079
Child Study Program Director Michelle Dent 860.727.6776
Early Childhood Education Program Director Michelle Dent 860.727.6776
Criminal Justice Program Director Kimberly Myers 860.913.2157
Homeland Security Program Director Kimberly Myers 860.913.2157
Human Services Interim Program Director Karen Carney 860.913.2211
Public Safety and Security Program Director Kimberly Myers 860.913.2157