Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teacher Leadership

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masters in teacher leadership degree

An A+ Program To Propel Your Professional Purpose

Our master’s degree in Teacher Leadership program is designed for creative and analytical advocates and educators just like you. You will develop the skills, techniques, and experience to increase access to learning by reducing and removing physical, cognitive, intellectual, and organizational barriers for your students.

Equity and Education: Producing Inclusive Instructors That Inspire

In our M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership program, you will learn how to apply the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to proactively design capacity-building learning experiences. Within UDL, learner variability, whether visible or invisible, is seen as an asset. Based in cognitive neuroscience, UDL focuses on designing with variability in mind and removing barriers to learning by frontloading flexible options for engaging learners, teaching important concepts, and building goal-directed learners. In your coursework, you will experience the UDL framework firsthand as program faculty model the principles and actively engage you in applying UDL in your own practice.

Finish Your Master’s Degree on a Teacher’s Timeline

Our flexible, 30-credit program is entirely online, an optimal fit for those who teach full-time or care for their families. Up to 6 credits can be granted to students entering the program from prior learning as part of the Alternative Route to Certification.

E-Learning That Excites

Beyond brick and mortar buildings, our M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership is offered entirely online, so you can use the latest technology to help tackle your educational to-do lists. Make multimedia learning memorable. Earn credits, connect, and correspond with your cohort all through the convenience of your personal computer.

Financing for Your Future

You invest time in your students; now, it’s time for Goodwin University to invest in you. Our tuition for the M.Ed. program is competitive with other private, non-profit colleges in CT, and we break it down for you, so you know exactly what you’ll pay before you start classes. GRE test scores are also not required, eliminating additional educational expenses.

The benefits of two universities

This is a joint program offered by Goodwin University and University of Bridgeport. You will learn alongside fellow students from both universities and share experiences in a richly diverse learning environment. Upon completion, your master’s degree will list both universities.

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