Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

You Have What It Takes To Protect and Serve Your Community

Now, more than ever, we need criminal justice experts committed to solving crime and making our world safer. Pursuing a career in law enforcement can be incredibly rewarding — not only are law enforcement officials required to protect and serve their communities, but they must establish a sense of trust and respect between the institutions and individuals they serve. At Goodwin University, you can sharpen your interpersonal skills and gain the professional and investigative skillsets necessary for a successful career in Criminal Justice.

Become the First Line of Defense

With a degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll receive specialized training that will help you conduct investigations while being mindful of the social, historical, and societal factors that inform modern policework. Regardless of which specific career path you choose, you'll be one of the first resources for communities experiencing crime and uncertainty. It is important that you come prepared with the knowledge to provide immediate aid and support to those you serve, and that’s why Goodwin University’s curriculum is designed to give you a well-rounded education for success in your field.

Learn From the Experts

At Goodwin University, our Criminal Justice courses are taught by some of the best minds in the business. You’ll have the chance to learn from military veterans, police commanders, detectives, state troopers, attorneys, and other experts who are eager to pass down their knowledge to the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Their decades of experience in the field of Criminal Justice will prepare you for on-the-job success.

Start Working Towards a Career in an In-Demand Field

Graduates of Goodwin University’s Criminal Justice program pursue rewarding careers in the following fields:

  • Corrections
  • Customs and Border Protection
  • Drug enforcement agency
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Law enforcement
  • Private and personal security agencies
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • And more!

We Do Things Differently

Career-Focused Programs

Our degree programs are designed with your career in mind. Our Criminal Justice program is designed to prepare you to face relevant scenarios and challenges in your career. We combine traditional classroom instruction with hands-on learning experiences so that you’ll enter the workforce with the knowledge you need to succeed, as well as the confidence that will help you build trust within the community.

Flexible Scheduling

At Goodwin, we believe that taking care of your personal responsibilities is just as important as reaching your career goals. Our Criminal Justice school offers flexible scheduling that will allow you to get your degree without sacrificing your professional or personal life. Courses are offered on-campus to give you the rich experience of in-person learning, and they are available days and evenings — so you can earn your degree while working or spending time with the people you love.


Paying for college doesn’t have to be stressful. We offer a variety of financial aid opportunities to help you afford your education. Students may be eligible for grants and scholarships that don’t have to be paid back, student loans that have to be repaid, and work-study opportunities that provide a regular paycheck.

Support Services

We are committed to supporting our students in any way possible. This includes offering services to help you both personally and professionally. Here’s a look at the resources you can take advantage of when you earn your degree at Goodwin.

We’re Ready When You Are.

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