Fast-Track RN Degree

What is a fast-track RN program?

A fast-track RN degree is also known as an accelerated nursing program, or direct entry nursing program.

A fast-track nursing program is designed for students who want to become a licensed Registered Nurse, but already have their bachelor’s degree in another field. Fast-track nursing programs can be offered at both bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.

How are fast-track degrees structured?

The completion rate of fast-track nursing programs varies per educational institution and transferable credits from previous learning experiences. However, if a student is enrolled full-time, a typical fast-track nursing program can take between 11-18 months.

If a student is enrolled part-time in a fast-track nursing program, it can generally take the student up to 22 months to earn their degree.

Fast-track nursing programs can be offered year-round, on-campus, online, or in hybrid and evening and weekend options.

What are the outcomes of a fast-track RN program?

Nurses who have completed their fast-track nursing degree must pass the NCLEX-RN exam in order to become a licensed nurse.

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