What is a Fast‑Track Nursing Program?

A fast‑track nursing program is also known as an accelerated nursing program, or direct entry nursing program.

A fast‑track nursing program is designed for students who want to become a licensed registered nurse, but already have their bachelor’s degree in another field. Fast‑track nursing programs can be offered at both bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.

How fast is a fast‑track nursing program?

The completion rate of fast‑track nursing programs varies per educational institution and transferable credits from previous learning experiences. However, if a student is enrolled full‑time, a typical fast‑track nursing program can take between 11‑18 months.

If a student is enrolled part‑time in a fast‑track nursing program, it may generally take the student up to 22 months to earn their degree.

Fast‑track nursing programs can be offered on‑campus, online, or in hybrid and evening and weekend options.

How do I know if a fast‑track Nursing program is the right fit for me?

Ideal students for fast‑track nursing programs are academically ambitious, those seeking professional advancement, or those seeking a meaningful career change for their future.

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