What are Nurse Consultants?

A nurse consultant is a registered nurse (RN) who provides consultation services in order to improve nursing and other healthcare programs and standards. Nurse consultants may work as a clinical consultant, an operations consultant, or a legal nurse consultant.

Where do nurse consultants work?

Nurse consultants can work in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, physicians’ offices, urgent care clinics, or nursing homes.

Clinical nurse consultants evaluate facilities overall healthcare delivery systems and individual patient care cases. Healthcare facilities staff depend on the expertise of a clinical nurse consultant to develop and assess standards of practice.

Operations nurse consultants provide analytical skills and support to senior leaders in all aspects of operation in including financial, administrative, and human resources.

Legal nurse consultants analyze and evaluate the facts related to nursing care and other health services. Legal nurse consultants act as liaisons between the healthcare staff and lawyers to offer informed opinions on the nature and origin of patient’s injuries or case management.

Nursing consultants can work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, insurance companies, private offices, research labs, and emergency rooms.

How do you become a nurse consultant?

Individuals must become licensed as a registered nurse (RN) and obtain training through a bachelor’s degree nursing program, such as Goodwin’s RN‑to‑BSN program.

Those interested in the subspecialty of becoming a legal nurse consultant can pursue the Legal Nurse Consultant Certification (LNCC) through ALNCCB (American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board).

It is highly recommended that nurses who hope to be consultants possess a master’s degree in nursing, public health, or a health related field.

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