What is an MSN Nurse?

An MSN nurse is a licensed registered nurse (RN) that has earned a master’s degree in nursing. Registered nurses that are master’s level prepared may choose to pursue opportunities in management, administration, research, or education.

Where can an MSN nurse work?

A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), particularly one that focuses on population health, can help you land leadership roles in healthcare settings as diverse as hospitals, schools and universities, and government lobbying/insurance consulting.

Why earn an MSN?

While an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing is a great choice for those looking to get their nursing career started, an MSN degree can position you for even more advanced career opportunities with higher earning potential, in specialized areas or in leadership roles.

How do you become an MSN nurse?

In order to enroll in an MSN degree program, you must first be licensed as a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree or higher, as well as meet all the school’s admissions requirements.

At Goodwin University, we offer a nursing milestone program. You can start in our associate degree in nursing (RN) program, earn your degree and obtain licensure as a registered nurse; then continue in our RN‑to‑BSN program to obtain your bachelor’s degree in nursing. Once you have done so, you will be ready to pursue your MSN degree.

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