What is a BSN Nurse?

A BSN nurse is a licensed registered nurse (RN) that is baccalaureate prepared. BSN nurses may do the same work as an RN, or may choose to pursue an advanced specialization, such as public health or health education.

Where can a BSN nurse work?

In addition to hospitals, BSN nurses can work in primary and preventive care settings within the community, in patients’ private homes, outpatient centers, and neighborhood schools and clinics.

Why earn a BSN?

While an associate degree in nursing is a great choice for those looking to dive in quickly, a BSN degree can position you for even more career opportunities. This is because more and more employers are now requiring nurses to have a bachelor’s level education. Because nursing is a growing field, those with BSN degrees can work towards opportunities for even higher earning potential, in specialized areas or in managerial roles.

How do you become a BSN nurse?

A BSN nurse is a registered nurse (RN) who holds a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing.

Many registered nurses (RNs) interested in advancing their nursing education will go back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree through an RN‑to‑BSN program. If you already have your bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field, and want to become licensed as an RN, an accelerated (ABSN) program is the way to go.

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