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master’s in nursing degree in Pennsylvania

You can earn your master’s degree in Nursing online from Goodwin University

Maybe you are interested in acquiring new skills and more responsibility at work, or you are looking to advance to a leadership or management position. Whatever your goal, you can earn your online MSN degree in Pennsylvania from Goodwin University, and gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to move up in the highly-competitive field of nursing.

This is the flexible online MSN degree you’ve been searching for

Unlike many other MSN programs in Pennsylvania, we’re all about convenience and flexibility for you. We’ve designed our MSN program around the demands of working RNs just like you, and you can complete your MSN degree in Pennsylvania in as few as 20 months part-time. Our MSN program classes are offered in three semesters a year, so you can complete your degree faster. For added flexibility, the coursework in our MSN program can be completed fully online, so you can complete coursework on your own schedule.

Advance your nursing career with an MSN degree

Our career-focused MSN degree program can help you advance to the next stage of your nursing career. Nursing is an extremely competitive field, and there are many ways to set yourself apart when seeking career advancement: your skills, your experience, and your education. Our MSN program can help you improve all three. In this online program, you will gain knowledge in areas of pathophysiology, pharmacology and physical assessment. You will also expand your skillsets in research, healthcare-related policies and political implications, leadership, and communication, as well as skills related to population health vs. case management. Should you wish to continue your education, credits earned in this MSN program can be transferred into specialized MSN areas of practice or doctoral programs.

There are numerous financial aid opportunities for students earning their MSN degree in Pennsylvania

You don’t have to stress about tuition costs, even if you are still paying off student loans from your bachelor’s degree. Our dedicated team of financial aid advisors is trained to help working nurses who are seeking their MSN degrees. Our financial aid specialists know exactly how to find opportunities to make your MSN degree a reality and understand what it’s like for a working nurse. You may even be eligible for grants and scholarships specifically for students in an MSN program to help offset the cost of your MSN degree tuition.

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The master's degree program in Nursing at Goodwin University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). Goodwin University is a member of SARA and therefore can offer our MSN program to residents of other SARA states.