What is Wonderlic?

Wonderlic is an assessment platform that provides assessment tools for organizations, schools, and companies.

The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test assesses the aptitude of employees for specific jobs and/or tasks.

The Wonderlic basic skills test is ideal for prospective students to ensure they meet the basic educational requirements of a particular program.

Why should I use Wonderlic?

Wonderlic assessments are ideal for employers or faculty searching for compatible employees and/or students. The test can predict an individual’s performance potential, and identify which candidates are most likely to succeed in their respective roles.

Wonderlic tests for ability, personality, and motivation amongst individuals.

The test also eliminates bias, thus making the entire application process much fairer.

Wonderlic and Goodwin

Goodwin’s Workforce-Ready Program utilizes the Wonderlic assessment. In order to enroll in this program, one must complete the Wonderlic basic skills test.

Our Workforce-Ready program is ideal for those who have neither a high school diploma nor GED but are looking to secure a good job in an in-demand field. Take the Wonderlic basic skills test today in order to enroll.

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