Online Classes at Goodwin University

  • Career focused programs prepare you for a career you’ll love.

    “I like the fact that I can take online classes, at home in my own comfort zone, where I can work at my own pace.”
    Anny Sophabmixay, Student

  • Start classes May 14.

    “Goodwin offers the flexibility to work and support my family as well as earn my degree at night and online.”
    Steven Davis, Student

  • Start classes May 14.

    “Online classes was an important feature to me attending Goodwin, because I needed to be a mom as much as I needed to be a student.”
    Zoey Walker, Graduate

  • Start classes May 14.

    "Online classes allow the flexibility for me to work full-time and make my own schedule to complete my school work."
    Crystalann Haines, Graduate

  • Start classes May 14.

    "This program was an easy balance to balance in with my life. I still felt connected, yet the work could be done on my schedule."
    Marie Belletti, Graduate

  • Start classes May 14.

    "Goodwin helped me to maintain balance with my everyday life by allowing me to have the flexibility I needed to ensure my personal life and school life does not conflict with each other."
    Brittany Rosario, Student

  • Start classes May 14.

    "Having the flexibility to choose between daytime, online, and evening classes is great, especially for students who have jobs or kids."
    Erika Lobo, Student

Because convenience is everything… especially when it comes pursuing your education

We understand you have a busy life and need a school that works with your schedule and not against it. Here at Goodwin University, you won’t have to arrange your entire life while earning your degree.

We offer several degree programs that can be completed fully online, so you can do your coursework where and whenever you want to! You’ll get the same quality education, as you would on-campus, in the comfort of your own home.

Online certificate programs:

Online associate degree programs:

Online bachelor’s degree programs:

Online master’s degree programs:

*You must place into college level English and math in order to take all courses fully online.

Online/on-campus hybrid classes

Maybe you’re the type of person who enjoys face-to-face classroom interaction but also wants the ability to take classes online… well that’s no problem either! Goodwin offers many classes in a hybrid format, combining the best of both worlds.

Additional flexible class scheduling options

Learn more about other flexible class scheduling options.

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