Nursing Program Testimonials

photo of Jaime Aniskoff

Jaime Aniskoff, BSN, RN

Goodwin University prepared me for my career as an RN by offering wonderful clinical site opportunities. I was able to learn in a variety of settings including, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, schools, and clinics.
photo of Ed Baxter

Ed Baxter, RN

Being a nurse is something that I am extremely proud of and it provides me with a sense of fulfillment I never experienced in my previous career.
photo of Ashley Carlson

Ashley Carlson, BSN, RN

My experience at Goodwin was amazing. After obtaining my associate degree in nursing here, I was ecstatic to be able to go back for my BSN. The online RN-to-BSN program allowed me the flexibility to work my courses into my schedule and work full time.
photo of Crystal Curr

Crystal Curr, BSN, RN

I don't think I would be the nurse that I am today without Goodwin.
photo of Eduardo Curameng

Eduardo Curameng, RN

I made the choice to go back to school to become an RN because I’ve always wanted to work in pediatric nursing.
photo of Jennifer DeGumbia

Jennifer DeGumbia, BSN, RN

My experience both times in the nursing programs at Goodwin University was individualized. I started right away in the associate nursing degree program after a very easy admissions process after graduating high school. I graduated with about 30 or so other nurses. I was excited when I returned for my bachelor's degree. This time I was a working mom. I was able to work two jobs as a school nurse and still complete all my requirements completely online. The RN-to-BSN program was flexible, and the campus is welcoming to working parents.
photo of Victoria Denino

Victoria Denino, BSN, RN

Because of Goodwin, I now have two RN jobs! (one full-time and one part-time). My whole world has changed!
photo of Akeem Green

Akeem Green, RN

You walk into Goodwin as an individual but you come out as a part of the family. You build that friendship and that’s especially important in the nursing program. It changes you, you’re definitely a different person from the first day to the last day.
photo of Crystalann Haines

Crystalann Haines, BSN, RN

Earning two nursing degrees from Goodwin made me realize I have the ability to achieve what I set my mind to.
photo of Sharon Kyc

Sharon Kyc, MSW, RN

I met so many wonderful professors that encouraged me, challenged me, and thoroughly prepared me for the role of a registered nurse.
photo of Tarah Lord

Tarah Lord, RN

Working as an RN has allowed me to have more time for my family and now I can better support them.
photo of Nichole Pina-Barnes

Nichole Pina-Barnes, BSN, RN

Goodwin's nursing programs are excellent. I felt well prepared to work as a registered nurse after graduating with my associate degree. Their RN-to-BSN program also gave me real world education that I was able to apply at work immediately as I was learning it.
photo of Betsy Provost

Betsy Provost, BSN, RNN

Goodwin appreciates the fact that older students need flexibility when juggling a full-time job with schoolwork. The faculty really made sure that I was ready to succeed in my chosen career path. They always answered my questions, provided feedback, and offered support!
photo of Ralene Saglio

Ralene Saglio, BSN, RN

Goodwin always made me feel like a person rather than a number. This is why I chose to continue my education from ADN to BSN with their flexible online program. I was able immerse myself in my new career and complete my RN-to-BSN in 16 months.
photo of Julie Singer

Julie Singer, RN

Because of my nursing education from Goodwin University, I now have a level of financial stability I hadn't had in years.
photo of Christina Tolides

Christina Tolides, RN

Goodwin’s flexible AS nursing program allowed me the opportunity to work full-time while completing my degree.
photo of Lorena Valentino

Lorena Valentino, BSN, RN

I’m not just a nurse who gives shots and takes blood pressure. It’s more global. It’s about a holistic approach. It’s about the mind, the body, the soul of the patient — and the community as well.
photo of Zoey Walker

Zoey Walker, BSN, RN

I’m a mother of 7; I work 7 days a week; and I was able to graduate the program with honors.
photo of Rebecca Whiting

Rebecca Whiting, BSN, RN

Going back to get my BSN was one of the best decisions I ever made. I am a more culturally competent, well-rounded, and enthusiastic nurse because of the RN-BSN program at Goodwin.

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