Nursing Requirements

Associate in Nursing (RN) admission requirements

These admission requirements are in effect for students applying to the nursing program.

Only students admitted to the program may enroll in nursing courses (NUR). It is important to note that not all qualified candidates can be offered admission to the Nursing program due to the limited number of places available. Prospective nursing applicants are strongly advised to attend a Health Science Information Session conducted by the University. Please call the Admissions Office for dates and times of upcoming sessions. Students may enter the University at any time to complete the prerequisites required for admission.

Consideration for admission is based upon completion of nursing prerequisites. All prerequisites must be completed before enrolling in Nursing 100. Final selection is based on a Selection Point System. Students may apply to the Nursing program for a total of six (6) attempts. Any submitted applications that do not meet the minimum required GPA and the required score on the examination being utilized as the pre-admission exam will not be considered.

  1. Complete the application for admission into Goodwin University. Applicants to the Nursing program must first meet the prerequisites for admission and be accepted into Goodwin University.
  2. Complete the Nursing program application.
    1. Official college transcripts are required with the application if the applicant has courses from another institution that will need to be transferred in to meet the prerequisite courses required for admission or to use as proof of level of education for the admission point system. If the transcripts have already been provided to the Registrar, the Nursing department will retrieve copies.
  3. Take the examination being used for pre-admission. This examination is administered off campus three times a year, (January, May, and September). The cost of the exam is the responsibility of the applicant. Students may only register for the exam when they are submitting an application or reactivating an application that is already on file. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the deadlines and instructions posted on the application. All questions regarding exam registration dates and deadlines must be directed to the Nursing department or are accessible in the Goodwin University associate degree in Nursing application. Students may only attempt the pre-entrance examination one time per semester for a total of six (6) attempts. Students must attain the pre-determined minimal score for whichever exam is being utilized at the time the student applies to be considered for admission. Students must complete or have already completed BIO 212 (A&P II) in the semester (s)he registers for the pre-entrance exam.
  4. Earn a minimum GPA of 2.7 in the most recent course work (college). College GPA is based on a minimum of 12 completed credits at Goodwin University. GPA’s are not rounded.
  5. Complete the following prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of “C”, prior to applying:
    1. MATH 125 (Goodwin University) or higher or score into a college level math on the University placement test. This course fulfills the Math general education graduation requirement.
    2. Chemistry - CHEM 101 (Goodwin University) or equivalent.
  6. Complete the following prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of “C+” or better:
    1. Biology - BIO 211, Anatomy & Physiology I (Goodwin University) or equivalent completed within the last five years.
    2. Biology - BIO 212 Anatomy & Physiology II (Goodwin University) or equivalent completed within the last five years.
    3. Biology - BIO 235 Microbiology (Goodwin University) or equivalent completed within the last five years.

Any prerequisite courses transferred from another college must be equivalent to Goodwin University courses and must meet the grade requirement of C+ as previously stated.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance in advance of the registration period for the following semester.

Nursing applicants who have satisfied all of the admission criteria will be selected according to the point system found in the catalog.

Accepted Students

  • Once accepted, students are required to submit a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit to hold their place in the class. Students must obtain their own malpractice mnsurance and also become members of the National Student Nurse Association (NSNA).
  • Admitted students must submit a medical examination report by a health care provider which describes the student’s physical and emotional health prior to starting the program. All required immunizations must be completed before the start of the first nursing course excluding the Hepatitis B vaccine series which may be in progress. If a student elects to not have the Hepatitis B vaccine series, a signed declination form must be in his/her file. All students in the program must receive a flu shot annually.
  • Students are required to become certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (Health Provider or Professional Rescuer) by the American Heart Association or the Red Cross before entering the Nursing program and must maintain certification throughout the nursing program. The cost related to obtaining and maintaining CPR certification is the responsibility of the student. Proof of certification must be submitted annually.
  • All students accepted to the associate degree in Nursing program must submit to a background check and drug screening. Fees cover the cost of both. However, if the drug screen result is “negative dilute”, the student must assume the cost of a second drug screen. A positive drug screen, not substantiated by a physician, will prevent the student from entering the program. Students will be notified if the background check reveals any criminal record that might interfere with future licensure. In the event that a background check is positive, the department will make two additional attempts to place the student in an alternative facility. If neither of the two further attempts yield a placement for the student, (s)he will not be permitted to enter with the program. Students are advised to take this into consideration upon initial receipt of the results of their background check.

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