Associate in Business Administration —
Human Resource Management Concentration

Part of our flexible and customizable Business Administration degree program

Each student builds a business plan relevant to their career aspirations that integrates the skills and knowledge learned in the various courses. The final culmination of the program is a 180-hour internship capstone, undertaken at the end of the student's program where classroom experiences will be applied in a real business environment. Wherever possible, the specific business chosen for the internship will reflect the student's desired career goal.

Ensure and Promote Successful Workplaces
With increasing legal issues pertaining to employment and the need for organizations to carefully select, develop, and maintain their workforce, the human resources field will continue to present excellent opportunities for both employment and advancement.

The Human Resource Management within the associate degree option prepares you to effectively deal with the complexities and challenges of managing today's workforce.

You will learn to identify staffing needs and develop skills for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and developing employees. You will also learn the policies, procedures, and legal aspects of human resource management, while rounding out the program with studies in business management, ethics, and cultural awareness.

You will be prepared to work as a Human Resource Assistant/Specialist in a variety of settings:
  • Business
  • Government
  • Non-Profit Organizations

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