Associate in Business Administration —
Entrepreneurship Concentration

Part of our flexible and customizable Business Administration degree program

Each student builds a business plan relevant to their career aspirations that integrates the skills and knowledge learned in the various courses. The final culmination of the program is a 180-hour internship capstone, undertaken at the end of the student's program where classroom experiences will be applied in a real business environment. Wherever possible, the specific business chosen for the internship will reflect the student's desired career goal.

Create and Grow a Business
Success demands knowledge of and experience in a number of factors, including initiating the start-up process, maintaining a competitive edge, gaining market share, making financial decisions, adapting to change, and developing products and services.

In the United States, approximately 800,000 new businesses are started each year. These businesses form the basis of our economy. They allow their owners to work for themselves and to be self-sufficient.

The purpose of the Entrepreneurship/Small Business Program is to provide you with the general knowledge to launch, operate, and grow your own business or operate and grow an existing business.

This program focuses on innovative, hands-on business practice and small business management. Foundational and advanced courses expose you to the principles of business development, including strategic planning, marketing, advertising, business law, accounting, and information systems.

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