Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Officer

What is a Transportation Security Administration agent/officer?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, also known as transportation security officers (TSO), are uniformed employees that provide security and protection for all travelers, and prevent dangerous materials and people from entering transportation hubs. TSA officers have the tools and training to detect hazardous substances and weapons on people and within luggage and they ensure that passengers arrive at their destinations safely.

Transportation security officers are employed at airports, railways, subways, and other transport hubs.

What does a transportation security agent/officer do?

TSOs are tasked with the following duties:

  • Assist passengers going through x-ray machines,
  • Inspect passenger luggage and belongings,
  • Maintain efficient traffic flows,
  • Relay direction and respond to inquiries,
  • Report security threats, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses,
  • Screen passenger identification, plane tickets, and for prohibited materials, and
  • Utilize canines, cameras, standing and hand-held metal detectors, and surveillance equipment

What soft skills are favorable for a transportation security agent/officer?

Candidates who are adaptable, calm communicators with critical thinking skills make great TSA officers. Additional attributes that work well in the field include being a detail-oriented, observant person who possesses politeness and works well with the public.

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