Private and Personal Security Agencies

What is a private and personal security agency?

Private and personal security agencies are privately owned and operated to provide various security services for apartment complexes, businesses, corporations, individuals, gated communities, retail stores, organizations, universities, and more.

What type of services do private and personal security agencies provide to clients?

Different from public security agencies like the military or police, private and personal security agencies:

  • Administer consultation services, patrol vehicles, and workplace response planning,
  • Alert police in the instance of an emergency,
  • Deny entry to unauthorized personnel,
  • Monitor security feeds and access points,
  • Offer guard services for concierge, construction, parking, and more,
  • Protect the persons and assets of their clients,
  • Safeguard their clients against cyber-attacks, fire, theft, trespassing, vandalism, and
  • Staff armed or unarmed security guards.

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