Customs and Border Protection Agent

What is a Customs and Border Protection agent?

Customs and Border Protection agents also called “CBP officers,” protect 328 ports of entry throughout the United States, including air, land, and sea, and are responsible for agriculture protection, border and security, counterterrorism, customs, immigration, and trade.

What does a Customs and Border Protection agent do?

A Customs and Border Protection agent:

  • Develops, participates, and plans in tactical operations,
  • Enforces federal laws to facilitate legitimate trade and travel,
  • Interacts with carriers, other agencies, and foreign entities to exchange information and provide guidance on compliance,
  • Performs inspection, intelligence analysis, and law enforcement activities relative to arrival and departure of persons or merchandise at ports of entry,
  • Prevents illegal trafficking of contraband, narcotics, people, and terrorist weapons into the United States, and
  • Reinforces laws and regulations at US ports of entrance and preclearance locations worldwide

What are the benefits of being a Customs and Border Protection agent?

CBP officers receive competitive pay including paid time off, health and life insurance, and great retirement options. CBP officers also have excellent opportunities for career advancement from entry-level to executive roles.

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