Police Training 101

What are police training 101 courses?

Police training 101 courses, more commonly referred to as criminal justice 101 courses, are prerequisite classes designed to introduce you to the foundational concepts of policing. Some police departments require you to earn your associate degree in criminal justice before you can begin training at the police academy. Introductory criminal justice courses will expose you to the core concepts of policework, including basic law and investigative procedures. You must master these topics before you move on to more advanced coursework.

When you earn your associate degree in Criminal Justice at Goodwin University, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the foundational concepts of policing. Our criminal justice 101 courses will prepare you with both technical and interpersonal skills to help you become a trusted leader within your community. These courses include Introduction to Criminal Justice and the Law (CJS 101), Investigative Report Writing (CJS 106), Criminal Procedures (CJS 112), and more!

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