Police Academy

police academy in ct

What Is the Police Academy?

The police academy is where potential police officers receive one of their final forms of training before they serve their community. Most academies have a curriculum that combines physical training and classroom education. The duration of the session varies from state to state; the Connecticut Police Academy sessions are 28 weeks long.

How Do You Enroll in the Police Academy?

To enroll in a police academy, a person must first complete and pass the entry-level test to become a police officer. Once a law enforcement unit selects to hire you from the eligibility list, the department will arrange for you to take the next available academy session. A successful candidate will graduate from the academy with 70% or better.

How To Prepare for the Police Academy?

You can prepare for the police academy with physical training, learning stress management techniques, and developing good social habits. Becoming a police officer is more than physically demanding; it’s also mentally demanding. Our associate degree in Criminal Justice at Goodwin prepares our students with criminal procedures, psychology, and ethical perspective education. Law enforcement requires a healthy mind and body, and Goodwin is excited to help build you up.

If a career in law enforcement interests you, learn more about Goodwin University’s Criminal Justice program and Public Safety and Security program.

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