CNC Certificate Program

Basic CNC Production 18-credit certificate

cnc machining certificate

Victor Serrano, CNC graduate

As part of the CNC Machining associate degree program, you have the opportunity to earn an 18-credit certificate in Basic CNC Production. You will learn the basic skills manufacturing employers are seeking: problem solving, safety, quality, production processes, maintenance awareness, and teamwork.

You will develop technical drawing, specification, and mathematical skills while learning about material properties and material processing.

Classroom instruction is combined with hands-on operation of our new CNC 3-axis milling and turning machines. You will gain knowledge and machining experience required to be successful in the field.

Enrollment into this certificate is by departmental permission only.

First semester

BMM 101 Key Principles of Manufacturing 3
BMM 140 Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics 3
BMM 175 CNC Machining 3

Second semester

BMM 110 Technology in Advanced Manufacturing 3
BMM 222 Technical Drawings and Specifications 3
BMM 240 CAM I 3

Total credits: 


BMM 101, BMM 110 - These courses provide the opportunity for the student to take two national, portable credentialing exams with the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.

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