Associate in CNC Machining

CNC Machining Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the CNC Machining program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Employ basic to intermediate manufacturing skills and prepare for nationally recognized, portable credentials from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) as Certified Production Technician (CPT).
  2. Apply stakeholder relevant competencies in teambuilding, problem solving, written and oral endeavors.
  3. Associate and apply material properties and metal working theory to characterize material machinability, tool holding, tool cutter presentation and selection of appropriate coolants for CNC manufacturing.
  4. Develop and characterize job planning and execution with associated process improvements to meet regulatory requirements of industry, the government and the customer.
  5. Distinguish the key elements of a high performance manufacturing organization related to quality control, maintenance, use of fixtures, measurement and test equipment to support manufacturing.
  6. Demonstrate a working knowledge of manufacturing processes including job planning, bench layout, manual grinding, drilling and milling.
  7. Create, interpret and utilize technical drawings and specifications.
  8. Utilize CAD/CAM software and associated mathematical skills to set-up, program and operate CNC lathes and mills in order to produce parts.
  9. Apply skills toward professional credentials under the National Institute for Metal Working Skills (NIMS) as a CNC operator.