Associate in CNC Machining Courses


In addition to major core requirements, all students enrolled in associate degree programs must complete a minimum of 21 credits in general education courses.

General education core requirements - 21-22 credits

ENG 101 English Composition 3
ENG 1XX English Elective 3
MATH 1XX Math (MATH 130 or higher) 3
  Science (BIO, CHEM, SCI) 3-4
  Social Science (PSY or SOC) 3
  Humanities (HIS, PHIL, SPAN, HUM) 3
  General Education Elective 3

Non-major core requirements - 3 credits

CAP 115 Learning and Working Through Digital Technologies 3

CNC Machining major core requirements - 33 credits

Freshman year

BMM 101 Key Principles of Manufacturing 3
BMM 110 Technology in Advanced Manufacturing 3
OS 101 Team Dynamics and Individual Skills 3
BMM 222 Technical Drawings and Specifications 3
BMM 140 Principles in Manufacturing Mathematics 3
BMM 175 CNC Machining I 3

Sophomore year

BMM 220 Materials and Processes in Manufacturing 3
BMM 275 CNC Machining II 3
BMM 240 CAM I 3
BMM 276 CNC Machining Applications 3
BMM 241 CAM II 3
BMM 1XX Directed Elective* 3

Total credits: 


* Directed Elective credits may be from any School of Business, Technology, and Advanced Manufacturing course, unless directed by the Program. Directed Elective courses contain the following prefixes: BUS, OS, and BMM at the appropriate level.

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