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At Goodwin, our students are at the center of all we do. We strive to provide the best college experience with opportunities for student involvement and personal development along the way.

Our various support services and student resources are here to help see you through to graduation and beyond! Learn more about how you can enhance your college experience academically, personally, and professionally at Goodwin University.

Academic Resources

Academic Advising

Your Admissions Officer will connect you with your own personal Academic Advisor who will help you with your class selections.

Headshot of Megan
“I remember corresponding and meeting regularly with my academic advisor. She was always there to help make sure I was on the right path to my career and was taking the correct classes.”
Megan, Graduate


Our Admissions Officers are excited to sit down with you and discuss your educational goals, interests, and program/degree completion options. Take the first step and walk-in, call, text, email, or submit a form online – whichever you prefer! We’re ready to get started when you are.

  • Phone800-889-3282 or 860-528-4111

Financial Aid

Our Financial Aid Officers are eager to create a personalized financial aid package that fits your needs. During one of your Admissions visits, you’ll meet with a Financial Aid Advisor who will discuss your options and identify opportunities for financial aid.

  • Phone860-727-6723
Headshot of James
“Transferring into Goodwin from a different school on a bit of short notice, they made what was a difficult and stressful financial maze easier to navigate. They were clear and honest with me and worked with me on a plan that allowed me to graduate on time and keep my costs manageable.”
James, Graduate

Registrar’s Office

In collaboration with your Academic Advisor, the Registrar’s Office will help with your course registration and maintain your school transcripts and official records.

  • Phone860-727-6708

Academic Supports

Academic Success Center

Need a little extra help? No problem. Our Academic Success Center provides free tutoring, testing, and workshops to all Goodwin students. Call to make an appointment or walk right in! We’re here to help.

  • Phone860-913-2090
  • Email
Belinda in nursing scrubs at a computer
“The Academic Success Center is a great resource for students. When I needed help editing my term writing assignments, I would take my paper there to be reviewed by the staff. All of my writing assignments that were reviewed by the center, received an A+.”
Belinda, Graduate


The Hoffman Family Library is fully staffed and happy to help you with any research needs you may have.

  • PhoneReference Desk: 860-913-2042
  • PhoneCirculation Desk: 860-913-2066

Math Lab

Math may not be your thing, and that’s okay. Our on-campus Math Lab can help you with math and other related subjects.

  • Phone860-913-2030
Headshot of Gilda
“Math had never been my strong point. However, I was able to successfully complete my required math classes with the help I received from the staff in the math lab. They were instrumental in my success here.”
Gilda, Graduate


At Goodwin, we’re all about convenience. That’s why we offer on-campus and online tutoring, so you can get the help you need in whichever way works best for you. Meet face-to-face with professional and peer tutors at our Academic Success Center, or take advantage of our online tutoring option which is available 24 hours a day.

Headshot of Dwayne
“Current students should take full advantage of the writing department. I loved how flexible they were. It seemed as if someone was always available to help me. They were very good at their job! They gave great assistance and I felt confident going for help.”
Dwayne, Graduate

College Experience

Residential Life

Goodwin University’s Residential Life serves to enhance students’ interpersonal and intellectual growth by creating safe and inclusive environments, creative programs, and by fostering meaningful relationships. Living on campus can be such an important part of your educational experience as it provides you with a variety of rich opportunities.

Student Engagement

We are here to help you pursue your passion — whether it’s attending social events, discovering new interests, volunteering, or creating your own group. We will help you explore and enrich your Goodwin experience.

Personal Support Services

AccessAbility Services

The Office of AccessAbility Services seeks to assist individuals with disabilities with accommodations and services that will promote success and integration into The University.

  • Email

The Ann B. Clark Co-op

Are you in need of food? Services at the Co‑op are free to current Goodwin University and magnet school students. The Co‑op ensures that no Goodwin student has to choose between affording school or food.


Need someone to talk to? Counseling/therapy is available. Counseling/therapy is a process in which you enter into a relationship with a trained professional in order to gain deeper self-understanding and to identify more effective ways of responding to life’s challenges.

  • Phone860-913-2072
Headshot of Kelly
"The counseling department came in handy when I needed them. It was great to have that service available to me, free of charge, when I really needed someone to talk to."
Kelly, Graduate

Diaper Bank

Goodwin University offers a Diaper Program designed to help students with young children defray some of their household costs by offering free diapers to those who qualify. Students who are eligible can receive two packs of diapers, per child, per month, as long as they are enrolled at Goodwin University. Students who are eligible will receive notification of eligibility after census day.

Headshot of Tiffany
“As a single mom of two children, with only one income while going to college, the diaper bank was a huge savior for me. Goodwin provided me with at least half of the diapers that I needed for my children.”
Tiffany, Graduate

Professional Development

Career Services

Our Career Services team is trained and ready to provide you with the guidance and resources you need for career development. We offer individual career counseling, mock interviews, professional workshops, career fairs, assistance with resumes and cover letters, and more. Goodwin University students and graduates are lifetime access to Career Services.

Headshot of Annie
“The career services department was very helpful! It had been 15+ years since I had completed my last resume. They took the time to walk me through it and also coach me for potential interviews. I felt much more confident after their time with me.”
Annie, Graduate

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