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headshot of Joselyn Gutierrez, Goodwin University first-generation student reviews

Joselyn Gutierrez, AS in Nursing

Going back to school can be scary. How could I manage classes, assignments, and clinicals while working full-time and taking care of my three kids? As the first person in my family to attend college, I had so many questions, but Goodwin was there every step of the way to help me find the answers. The staff and teachers listen to me. I feel valued and respected — I have a voice. Their financial assistance and flexible schedules are helping to make my dream of becoming a cardiac transplant nurse a reality!
headshot of Stephanie Feliciano

Stephanie Feliciano, BS in Professional Studies

I switched to Goodwin from another school after I had my son last year. I was fully prepped and supported from the first time I sent an inquiry to now as a student. This school is great for me because I work full-time and have four kids at home. I don't ever feel overwhelmed or uneasy, and there is always someone to help with any concerns that do I have. I would recommend Goodwin to any working mom who feels like they just need some support to further their education.
headshot of Leslie Argueta Linares

Leslie Argueta Linares, BS in Human Services

I was always very shy during the first two years, but we’d always have dinners, do presentations, and other things like that, which continued opening more doors. Speaking at a forum, in public, helped me put myself out there. Volunteer opportunities, and working for the Co-op, helped shape me professionally and personally. Overall, my best moments were being put out there and being included as a part of so many events. I’m very blessed to have met the individuals I did during my time at Goodwin, it opened a lot of new chapters for me.
headshot of Carlos Omar Argueta

Carlos Omar Argueta, AS in Homeland Security

One of the things my sister and I both really liked about Goodwin is that it’s a much smaller university. We felt lucky to be in small classes and get one-on-one support. Our cohort groups repeated, too, so you could get to know people in your program and study together.
headshot of Marylis Mainaza

Marylis Mainaza, MSN, PMHNP

As an adult student, I embraced education amid my busy life, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities while pursuing my academic goals. It is not easy, yet I am persistent and growing here. As a nontraditional student, I am proof that learning, growing, and chasing dreams is always possible. I have embraced the challenge with determination and courage, and in doing so, I have shown that education truly has no age limit
headshot of Cori Camire

Cori Camire, AS in Nursing

What makes Goodwin a unique place to learn is the new up-to-date library with wide windows and a beautiful, quiet view of the Connecticut River, along with larger-sized classrooms to accommodate all types of learning. Goodwin University helps support students by having resources such as the testing center, accommodations for those who need them, and in-person and online tutoring. Some advice I would offer other students looking to pursue Goodwin University is to always ask for help! The instructors love their jobs and will give you personal examples and resources to help and assist in homework, class time, or labs.

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