Pre-Registration Testing

All applicants must take the College Success® placement test. The test assesses your level of readiness for college level math and English coursework. The assessment covers Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Elementary Algebra, and Arithmetic. A report containing your results is available after testing and interpretation of your results is completed during your admissions interview.

Test Waiver

Waivers for testing are available to students under any of the following conditions:

  • If you already completed transferable college-level English composition and mathematics course higher than elementary Algebra, and have earned a "C" or better.
  • If you are a matriculating student who has an Associate Degree or higher.
  • You have taken the SAT or ACT in the past three years, and have achieved the following:
    • SAT Writing or Critical Reasoning score of 480 of higher (documentation required)
    • SAT Math score of 530 of higher (documentation required)
    • ACT Composite score of 21 or higher
  • You have taken the following Advanced Placement (AP) tests administered by The University Board:
    • Calculus AB –OR– BC with a score of 3 or higher (documentation required)
    • English Language with a score of 3 or higher (documentation required)

Common Questions:

How will I be tested?
The College Success® exam is a non-timed, computerized multiple choice test. The test presents one question per screen with a set of answer choices. After choosing your answer, the test will immediately move to the next question. College Success® grades each question after it is answered. Therefore, once you have answered a question and moved on to the next question, you will not be able to go back and change your answer. Remember, because the test helps determine whether or not you are ready for college-level courses, a student cannot pass or fail the examination. Depending on how you score, you may be required to take developmental courses to help you prepare for college-level courses.

Should I prepare for the tests?
You are welcome to study for the test. Located at the top of this page you will find study resources that will aid in preparing you for the College Success® exam.

Please speak with your admissions officer if you have additional questions about the pre-registration testing.

Other Resources

The following websites may help students review important concepts present on The College Success® test: