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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I fit in?

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What makes Goodwin different?

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Why should I choose a career-focused school?

Are you the first in your family to attend college?

How will classes fit into my schedule?

How will Goodwin help me obtain a career?

What is Goodwin's environment like?

How will Goodwin's hands-on approach help me?

Intimidated by the FAFSA?

Do I need SAT scores to apply?

What is Goodwin's admissions process like?

Will I find a meaningful career after college?

How can I create a roadmap to success?

How does Admissions feel about working with students?

How can Career Services serve me?

What is Goodwin's full-circle approach?

Why is Career Services vital to my college experience?

What is Goodwin's culture like?

How is Career Services committed to me?

How long can I utilize Career Services?

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