Meet the MSN Program Director

Mary Salisbury is a board-certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with a doctorate in nursing from the University of St. Joseph. She began her career as a registered psychiatric nurse at the University of Connecticut Health Center inpatient unit for five years. She earned her BSN at the University of Connecticut and completed her MSN and doctorate at the University of Saint Joseph.

Her doctoral work involved a pilot study and educational model for psychiatric nurse practitioners on first-line treatment of insomnia, including cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia and education on an easily accessible insomnia severity assessment tool, with the purpose and intention of exploring current prescribing practices of sedatives and hypnotics. Her doctoral work encouraged non-pharmacologic methods for patients with insomnia.

From 2014 to today, Dr. Salisbury has worked as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at the local mental health authority, CHR. Her work centers around serving the adult outpatient population with a focus on young adults, adults with schizophrenia, and individuals with opioid use disorders. In addition to her years of direct patient care, she has mentored and precepted APRN students at the University of Saint Joseph and Wilkes University.

In her most recent career transition, Dr. Salisbury was appointed program director of Goodwin University’s MSN program. Mary oversees three master’s level nursing tracks at Goodwin. Dr. Salisbury is passionate about continued education and the promotion of her colleagues to amplify the nursing profession.

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