MSN Program Testimonials

Lisa Arteca, BSN, RN

Goodwin College offers an in-depth online program that focuses on the skills and concepts essential to population health for the Advanced Practice Nurse to progress within the nursing profession, as well as meet the needs of future healthcare systems. The accessible online format and small class size accommodate challenging nursing schedules while providing individual attention taught by highly qualified, and caring faculty. I am loving the MSN program at Goodwin!

Alexis Griffin, BSN, RN

The MSN faculty are kind and encouraging. I am looking forward to the rest of the program and growing into the advanced practice nurse I know I can become.

Wendy Violette, BSN, RN

The MSN program is helping me advance in my career and opening me up to higher-level positions. At Goodwin, they make the enrollment process easier. They work with you and help you complete all the necessary steps for enrollment.

Carmen E. Kelley, BSN, RN

I am an old timer here at Goodwin College. My experience at Goodwin has been so positive that the MSN degree will be my third degree completed at Goodwin. I always believe that "Education is an ongoing life experience that never gets old".

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