An RN-to-MSN Bridge Pathway to Your Professional Success

Our RN-MSN bridge pathway is for licensed registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline that want to achieve their master’s degree in nursing.

Required MSN Bridge coursework

Goodwin University offers five RN-MSN bridge courses to help connect the dots to your future career.

NUR 310 Health Assessment
NUR 351 Introduction to Nursing Research
NUR 361 Public and Community Health
NUR 460 Seminar in Professional Nursing Leadership
PBH 520 Biostatistics OR
STAT 167 Principles of Statistics

Five flexible MSN Bridge classes

Wondering how you’re going to get to campus for classes? No worries! All “NUR” courses listed above are easily accessible and are offered online every semester.

If you have taken equivalent coursework during your bachelor’s degree and received a grade of a C+ or higher, corresponding classes in the bridge program may be waived pending review.

If you have not previously completed the five courses listed above during your undergraduate degree, please note that it may take up to two semesters to complete all five classes before your MSN cohort begins.

Choose your MSN track

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