Associate Degree in Funeral Service Program

Funeral Service Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all Funeral Service Program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the responsibilities in conducting arrangement conferences with families, the transfer of remains, cremation, and accommodate different religious practices of various faiths.
  2. Apply the techniques restoring and recreating areas of the body which have been distorted by disease or traumatic injury.
  3. Identify the historical basics of marketing and merchandising in the funeral service profession.
  4. Explore the psychological impact of death and how it affects the funeral service practitioner.
  5. Introduce the elements of the rights, duties, and responsibilities as it pertains to business law and the funeral service practitioner.
  6. Demonstrate proper techniques in the safe preparation of human remains including the use of universal precautions, handling communicable diseases, and embalming both autopsied and un-autopsied remains.

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