Human Services Certificate

What is a human service certificate?

A Human Services certificate is earned through a short-term program that provides an introductory overview of the ethics and philosophies needed to support communities in need. With the fundamentals taught in the certificate program, you will be prepared for several jobs in the Human Services industry.

What can you do with a human services certificate?

The purpose that drives many Human Services professionals is to help and encourage those who are in crises. After obtaining a Human Services Certificate, you start working to help those around you by gaining entry-level employment with group homes, community support organizations, social work assistance, and several other positions.

Though Goodwin doesn’t have a Human Services certificate program, we offer both Human Services associate and bachelor’s degree programs. Our students learn the importance of communication, cultural sensitivity, and the values of having your basic human needs met. At Goodwin, we prepare professionals to successfully serve the individual, the family, and the community. The numerous internship opportunities with over 500 Human Services organizations and agencies we’re connected with, support whichever path our graduates wish to pursue.

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