Social Service Specialists

A social service specialist, sometimes called a caseworker aid, is a professional who provides human services to clients within a community. A social service specialist may provide social work, rehabilitation, psychological support, or community referrals to their clients depending on need. Social service specialists, at a minimum, have their associate degree.

What does a social service specialist do?

A social service specialist triages the needs of their clients, develops treatment plans, researches assistance programs such as childcare, food stamps, and SNAP benefits, and helps clients complete paperwork for assistance programs. They also maintain records of client visits, transport clients to appointments, and follow up with their clients to ensure their needs are met.

What populations can a social service specialist work with?

Social service specialists can work with a wide variety of populations, including children and families, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, people with mental health issues, immigrants, the formerly incarcerated, homeless populations, and more.

What are some essential qualities of a social service specialist?

Critical soft skills of a social service specialist include strong communication skills, compassion, in-tune interpersonal abilities, organizational proficiencies, problem-solving, and time-management skills.

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