Rehabilitation Specialists

A rehabilitation specialist assists people with mental or physical disabilities re-acclimate to independent daily living. Rehabilitation specialists coordinate the needs of the client with the care they will receive. This role also teaches practical skills to clients so that they can work or go to school and function well within society. Educational requirements for this career vary per job. However, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is generally required for any rehabilitation specialist role.

What are the duties of a rehabilitation specialist?

A rehabilitation specialist assesses a client’s need and eligibility for community services. Someone in this role coordinates activities accordingly and counsels individuals on goals and objectives. A rehabilitation specialist may provide career services like job searching and interview preparation. This role monitors and records client progress and case files, as well as collaborates with interdisciplinary teams and community agencies.

Where do rehabilitation specialists work?

Rehabilitation specialists work in residential care facilities, outpatient centers, nursing homes, children’s hospitals, group homes, drug and alcohol addiction facilities, homeless and domestic violence shelters, court systems, and more.

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