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Connecticut human services education

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Connect with human services careers

With our connections to 500+ human services organizations around the state, we can help to further your internship, networking, and job search opportunities.

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Make a difference

We all have a purpose in life — and for some of us — that purpose is helping others.

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Classes on your schedule

Human Services classes are offered days and evenings. For added flexibility you can take accelerated 7‑week classes or standard 15‑week classes.

Camille discovered her purpose at Goodwin University. Are you ready to discover yours?

Your gift for supporting others is just what our community needs

As a Human Services professional, you’ve seen the need for compassion and support in our world and have decided to fill that demand. Provide aid to people of all ages within your community facing crises. Learn the professionalism, care, and knowledge needed to uplift and inspire those around you with a Human Services degree from Goodwin University.

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Destiny Davis

“The professors care so deeply about their students. It made all the difference for me.”

Build your career around making the world a better place!

You are the helping hand and the listening ear — the kind of person the world always needs. At Goodwin, we’ll provide the skills, education, and support required to best serve the community in need. As a Case Manager, Crisis Advocate, Rehabilitation Specialist, or Counselor, you can reach the people who will benefit most from your patience and care.

Financing your Human Services education

There are many kinds of financial aid available to students, including grants and scholarships that don’t have to be paid back, student loans that will have to be repaid, and work-study opportunities that provide a regular paycheck.

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Program curriculum

As you pursue your bachelor’s degree in Human Services, you’ll acquire the skills that employers demand — counseling, interviewing, assessment, intake, case management, public speaking, ethics, grant writing, and information literacy.

Coursework includes:

HSR 105 Community Organization and Advocacy
HSR 325 Case Management: Principles and Practice
HSR 350 Crisis Prevention and Intervention
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Many of our Human Services program graduates can find careers and professions they love as:

  • Case manager
  • Youth worker
  • Counselor
  • Rehabilitation specialist
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