Financing Your Education

Scholarship Resources for Goodwin International Students

We understand that education in the United States can be very expensive. International students have many opportunities and options to fund their education. Personal funds, family funds, scholarships, and grants can all combine to make your financial package. The United States Government will require that you document how your education is being funded for your visa appointment, and Goodwin College must see this documentation before your I-20 is issued.

Applying for Goodwin College international student scholarships

International undergraduate students will have the opportunity to apply for international student scholarship assistance upon application and admission to Goodwin College. Scholarships are awarded based on need and merit, and can range from $250 USD to $3000 USD per academic year. If a first year student is trying to bridge a financial gap in this range, the student can make this known to their International Admissions Officer and the team will consider all materials. If the student performs well academically, the International Programs Team will consider them for annual assistance. The initial amount cannot be guaranteed year after year but will be dependent upon ongoing academic progress and need. Our admissions team will work with each student to determine individual need and the availability of institutional funds.

Additional scholarship opportunities for international students

Admissions Officers can also direct students to various online scholarship search engines outside of Goodwin, but it is up to each student to find and apply for any scholarships they are interested in themselves. Students may find many opportunities and will have to determine where to put their energy to find resources. Good luck in the process and we look forward to seeing you at Goodwin College.

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