Common Questions From Prospective International Students

Who is considered an International Student?

An international student is defined as any student applying and choosing to study at Goodwin College who is neither a US Citizen nor a US permanent resident. International students are required to submit additional documentation, forms and information during the application process to Goodwin College. International students are encouraged to apply online and submit any documents they can electronically to our International Admissions team.

Where is Goodwin College located?

Goodwin College is located in East Hartford, Connecticut, part of historic southern New England. Major U.S. cities like New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. are only a few hours drive away, and there are dozens of museums, performing art centers, and historic cultural centers even closer. Find out more about life on campus on our Housing and Supports page.

What programs are offered at Goodwin College?

Goodwin College offers many different career-focused degree and certificate programs, most of which are open to international students. See the full list on our International Progams page.

How do I get a visa to study in the United States?

The visa process can be difficult to navigate, but we are here to help! There are detailed instructions on our Visa and Immigration information page.

What are the English proficiency requirements?

Goodwin College requires proof of proficiency in English as a condition of acceptence. We accept both TOEFL and IELTS scores as proof of proficiency. For more information on our English proficiency and other requirements for admission, see our Admissions Requirements page. Applicants who have completed a degree program at universities in select countries may be not be required to provide TOEFL/IELTS scores.

How do I complete an application for admission?

Complete our Online Application for Admission.

What forms and other documentation is required for acceptance to Goodwin College?

For the full list of forms and documentation, as well as helpful instructions on completing and submitting them, see our International Admissions Forms and Documents page.

Is financial aid available for international students?

International students are not eligible to receive federal or state financial aid funds.

Are Goodwin scholarships available for international students?

Once students apply to Goodwin College and have submitted their complete application and all required documents, our International Programs Team will take the time to review all of their details. Assistance for international undergraduate international students range from $250 USD to $3000 USD per academic year. See the Undergraduate Tuition for International Students page (Link) for more detail on what financial documentation is required and information about institutional scholarships.

What student housing options are available?

International students at Goodwin College have multiple housing options available to them, including on- and off-campus units. See our Housing and Supports page for more information.

What is a milestone college?

Goodwin College considers itself a true milestone college. We believe that a milestone program allows all credentials earned by our students towards reaching their goal should be celebrated. Whether your goal is obtaining a bachelor's or associate degree, your hard work can be recognized. Students may apply for and be awarded credentials earned while continuing their studies at Goodwin College. Ask your International Admissions Coordinator more about how this milestone process works.

What is an associate degree?

In the United States, an associate degree is an academic program taken at the undergraduate level (the first stage after secondary school). It aims to give students the basic technical and academic knowledge and transferable skills they need to go on to employment or further study in their chosen field. For some students, an associate degree provides preparation for a bachelor’s degree, while for others it’s a qualification in its own right, helping to improve employment prospects compared to only having completed a secondary-level education.

In order to obtain an associate degree in the United States, you must earn 60 semester credit hours, which typically takes about two years. At Goodwin College, our associate degree programs are 60 to 70 credits. If Goodwin students take a full-time program each semester, including the summer semester, an associate degree can be achieved in five semesters!

What can I do with an associate degree?

All Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees at Goodwin College are designed to prepare students to join the workforce immediately following their two years of study. An A.S. degree will ideally prepare you for a career or to continue on to a bachelor’s degree program at Goodwin College. Some students choose the bachelor's path and others decide to enter the workforce and begin their career after their A.S. degree is complete. All of your successful associates course work will seamlessly be applied to bachelor’s degrees at the College — this is the Goodwin milestone approach.

What is a college certificate?

Goodwin College certificate programs prepare students to obtain the professional certifications they need to gain employment or advance in their careers. All of our college certificates may be completed, applied for, and awarded as a student progresses in Goodwin's undergraduate programs — this is part of the Goodwin milestone process. Depending on the program, students may complete a college certificate program in six months to a year because these programs focus on one discipline and do not require the general education studies required by degree programs.

What can I do with a college certificate?

It is important to check on the professional requirements in your home country when choosing a certificate program as these requirements can vary per field of employment and per nation.

Upon completion of a college certificate program, students generally receive a certificate of completion or certificate of achievement, not a degree or diploma. Candidates may be able to apply these college certificate credits to other Goodwin undergraduate programs through the Goodwin milestone approach.

Is my $500 deposit refundable?

This $500 deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to your first semester tuition should you enroll and attend Goodwin College. This deposit ensures the issuance of your I-20 which will be forwarded to you in your acceptance packet. Goodwin College asks for this substantial deposit to show student commitment to attend Goodwin and because our admissions team has worked diligently with you throughout this entire admission and application process. The only case-by-case circumstances that Goodwin may consider a refund of your deposit is if your visa request is denied. Should you wish to submit a request for refund, please email your original visa rejection letter from the US Consulate or Embassy with your name, address and contact details to the Director of International Programs at

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