Admission requirements for international undergraduate students.

how to apply to Goodwin College

Congratulations on your decision to apply to Goodwin College! Please submit the following documentation to our International Admissions team:

  • Goodwin College requires proof of proficiency in English as a condition of acceptance. We accept both TOEFL and IELTS scores as proof of proficiency.
    • TOEFL scores: 61 or higher
      The TOEFL code for Goodwin College is 4135.
    • IELTS scores: 5.5 band or higher
    • Students with TOEFL scores of 60 or lower, or IELTS scores below the 5.5 band, will be placed into our 4-12 month ESL program.
    • Applicants who have successfully completed secondary school in select countries may be not be required to provide TOEFL/IELTS scores.
    • SAT, ACT, or other standardized English testing scores can also be considered on a per-applicant basis.
  • Present the equivalent of an American high school diploma and official copies of all academic records. Non-English college transcripts and high school diplomas must be accompanied by certified translations and evaluations from an accredited agency. You can find agency options on the NACES web site. Electronic copies are accepted, and official documents are required upon enrollment. International students interested in transferring baccalaureate credit will find more information on this process on our International Transfer Students page.
  • You must complete a Certification of Finances (pdf download) and provide financial documentation that you can pay for the first year's expenses (tuition, fees and living/housing expenses). If your academic program is for less than a year, then you must provide proof that you can pay for all expenses for the duration of your program. The completed Certification of Finances form, bank statement and a bank letter must be dated within the last six months, be in English, and amounts must be in US Dollars.

    The kinds of financial documentation we will require for the application to Goodwin include:

    • For personal funds: an official bank statement and bank letter dated within the last six months, in English, and amounts must be in US Dollars.
    • For a personal loan: a pre-approval letter confirming amount for which the loan is approved. A loan application is not sufficient.
    • For a family member sponsor(s): an Affidavit of Support form plus an official bank statement and bank letter confirming available funding in English and USD. A separate affidavit is required for each sponsor. The total funds on the affidavit(s) must equal the total funds needed for one year of study. If you will be staying somewhere where you will receive free room and board, you need to provide a letter from who you are staying with indicating the amount of support they will provide for you and the duration of time you will stay with them. The value of room and board is estimated to be $15,000 per academic year.
    • For an organizational or government sponsor: a copy of an award letter from a sponsoring organization specifying the amount of the award, its duration, and the terms of renewal.
  • Write a 250-600 word essay on a subject of your choice or select from some of the topics below:
    • If you feel that you have a talent, interest, hobby or background that is meaningful to your identity and would complete the picture of you as an applicant, please share this story.
    • Discuss an event or milestone that celebrated or marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community or family and the influence this had on your development.
    • Share with us a lesson you have learned from failure. Describe a situation or time when you experienced failure and what you learned and took away from this experience.
    • Tell us what community means to you and how you see your experience of studying in the USA as contributing to your community in the future back in your home country.
  • Provide one academic letter of recommendation.
  • Provide copy of valid passport information page.

Electronic supporting documents must be submitted as PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG or JPG files.

Make sure to keep a copy of all of these documents for yourself and your consular interview!

International Students may attend Goodwin College on an F-1 (student) visa. The College will issue the student an I-20 form once a student has been accepted and an admissions deposit has been received. International students must be enrolled full-time every semester, unless there are documented circumstances which outline why they cannot be full-time. International students are not eligible to receive any Federal or State aid to offset their tuition and fees.

International Students should hear within two to four weeks of submitting a complete application on their admissions status. Once you are admitted to Goodwin College, you can place a deposit and take the next step in the process!

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