Respiratory Care Program Testimonials

Headshot of Stephanie Faluotico
I chose Goodwin because as a full-time working mom to a 6-year-old daughter, I needed a college that worked with my busy schedule.
Stephanie Faluotico, graduate
Headshot of Adam Levine
Goodwin’s Respiratory Care program had great instructors and clinical simulations — providing an excellent education for students and preparing me well for my role working as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.
Adam Levine, graduate
Headshot of Janis McMaster
They say that the most important day of school is the first day. From the first day in the Respiratory Care program at Goodwin, I felt a sense of encouragement and reassurance from the program director, clinical instructors, and even my classmates. I do not think I would have been as successful anywhere else. This program allowed me to recreate myself and my life, giving me the freedom to spend time with my children, make new friends, and have a new rewarding career.
Janis McMaster
Headshot of Peter Kot
Goodwin University provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed for a career in Respiratory Care. I now work in an in-demand field where, every day, I know I make a difference in my patients' lives.
Peter Kot, RRT
Headshot of Patrick Houlihan
What helped me succeed at Goodwin University was the continued support from my professors in the Respiratory Care program. The immediate availability of the directors, clinical educators, and professors made me feel connected and confident when challenges arose. I never felt isolated or alone in this program. I make it my duty to bring that same energy and dedication to patients and colleagues in my professional role as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.
Patrick Houlihan, RRT
Headshot of Jade Nardi
As a Registered Respiratory Therapist, I am part of a multidisciplinary team which allows me to work with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers to improve the quality of life for our patients.
Jade Nardi, graduate
Headshot of Megan Sullivan
Going to Goodwin has changed my life for the better. The time and attention the faculty provided to make sure I succeeded is something I’ll never forget. I was able to reach my full potential going to Goodwin, and now I have a career in my field, and I couldn’t be happier.
Megan Sullivan, graduate
Headshot of Justin Rearick
As a full-time working adult, Goodwin offered me the flexibility to continue working while pursuing my degree, which was something that really appealed to me. Furthermore, the excellent classroom instruction, coupled with a wide variety of clinical site experiences, really put me in a position to be successful from the moment I graduated.
Justin Rearick, MSOL, RRT
Headshot of Daschia Bahler
I currently work at a level-one trauma hospital as a respiratory therapist. My career dreams have come true thanks to the education I received from Goodwin University. Goodwin's Respiratory Care program has incredible professors who helped me every step of the way. Having their support and resources was a major part of my success in the program.
Daschia Bahler, RRT
Headshot of Jillian Dion
I graduated from the Respiratory Therapy program in 2016. I absolutely love what I do. What I believe sets the Goodwin program apart from other programs is that the professors and preceptors were extremely supportive and focused on helping students succeed. I always felt they wanted me to do well and would go the extra mile for any student. Because of that support, I did very well on my licensing exams. Since graduation, I have worked with all kinds of patient populations, using my license to its full scope of practice.
Jillian Dion, RRT, RRT-ACCS

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