Dental Hygiene Testimonials

Dental hygienists don't only clean teeth. We are oral healthcare providers. We can be advocates, researchers, and administrators. We have so many different facets of our job.
Lisa Babella
The Dental Hygiene program strived for students to use science-based knowledge. They educated us on the proper use of instrumentation and encouraged us to provide the best cleanings. They made sure you knew how to apply your knowledge and adapt to each patient. We were advised to make sure we knew about products before recommending them and to truly know our clients before recommending their care.
Jhonatan Rodriquez
The flexible scheduling is great — especially for students with jobs or kids. My professors at Goodwin have inspired and motivated me to achieve my academic goals.
Erika Lobo Estrada
Goodwin provided me with an opportunity like no other. The dental hygiene program challenged me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and shined light on my full potential. My clinical experience through Goodwin gave me the confidence and skill set to make me an asset in the dental community. I can't thank the staff and instructors enough for their time, patience, and shared knowledge.
Lindsey Butler
The program and curriculum greatly prepare you for a career in dental hygiene, as do the staff and students you interact with almost daily. The program and curriculum are both structured in a way that helps build your confidence in the knowledge and skills you acquire along the way. I believe that the Dental Hygiene program at this school differs from others because they provide the most opportunity for students regarding community outreach, exploring jobs beyond being a clinician, one-on-one assistance in the improvement of skills, and the encouragement of developing lasting friendships with the people you meet during your time in the program.
Kyleen Kentish

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